SILLIPAD™ By Lenasi - Silicone makeup applicator

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Meet the Sillipad™, a revolutionary new makeup applicator that extends the life of your favorite products by creating flawless, expertly blended coverage without absorbing or wasting a single drop. 

  • Applies makeup evenly without streaking
  • Doesn’t absorb makeup, so your products last longer
  • Uses half as much product as a beauty sponge
  • Tear Drop shape is perfect for large and small areas
  • Flexible material makes it easy to bend and fold
  • Blends as well as a beauty blender
  • Keeps makeup off your fingers
  • Quickly washes clean in soap and water
  • Hygienic materials won’t hold breakout causing bacteria
  • Made with durable, long lasting materials

The Makeup Applicator Everyone is Talking About
There’s a new makeup applicator on the beauty scene and it’s got everyone talking. The Sillipad TM by Lenasi is a teardrop shaped, silicone makeup applicator that’s perfect for applying and blending a variety of beauty products, including foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, contouring creams, and more. Sure it looks a little funny, but it gets the job done with less mess, less wasted makeup, and all the blending power of professional makeup artist tools. It’s also super easy to clean, allowing you to switch between products at a moment’s notice.

With claims like that, it’s no wonder that this little silicone makeup sponge has a lot of hype behind it. It can be hard to believe that a single item can do all of this, but when put to the test, this silicone makeup applicator does everything it promises. In fact, the silicone beauty sponge has been featured in the glossy pages and review sections of the top beauty magazines, including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Self, and Teen Vogue. Even youtube sensation and creator of a popular makeup brand, Jeffree Star, who is known for using only the best products, gives the silicone beauty sponge his seal of approval. 

No Wasted Makeup!
While beauty blenders and sponges do a great job of both applying and blending products, they also absorb and waste quite a bit of makeup in the process. No matter how flawless the end result might be, watching your precious cosmetics swirling down the drain each time you rinse out your beauty blender is no fun at all. Good makeup is expensive and you should get to use every drop, dab, or pump of your favorite products.

The Sillipad extends the life of your favorite cosmetics by allowing quick, easy coverage without absorbing and wasting a single drop. The smooth, non-porous materials ensure that your makeup goes exactly where it’s supposed to, allowing you to get full coverage with no waste, so your makeup lasts twice as long as it would with a regular beauty sponge.

Hygienic Design for Fewer Breakouts
Since the Sillipad doesn’t absorb and hold makeup like a regular sponge, it doesn’t create a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria the way moist sponges can. 

Keeps the Makeup Off Your Finger
Applying makeup with your fingers can cause messy, streaky application, along with spreading bacteria from your hands to your face. The Sillipad allows you to apply and blend makeup with excellent control without ever having to touch your face. This also keeps messy makeup off your fingers.

Easy to Clean
One of the best things about this silicone makeup applicator is how easy it is to clean. A bit of soap, a little water, pat it dry, and you’re ready to move on to the next makeup product or neatly store your Sillipad till you need it again. This also makes it easy to sanitize, reducing the need for disposable sponges and makeup applicators.

Perfect for Makeup Artists of All Skill Levels
Whether you’re a professional cosmetologist, a YouTube star, or someone who simply likes to look her best, the Sillipad is perfect for you. Applying and blending makeup with this beauty applicator takes a little getting used to, but with a bit of practice, you’ll be applying your foundation, concealers, and other products like a pro. Just add a little product to the Sillipad (you’ll want to start with a little less than you’re used to using, since the Sillipad won’t absorb any of the makeup). Then, apply the makeup to your skin, patting it on in a circular motion to create full, even coverage. To blend, use the same circular patting motion, focusing on the area you want to blend until you’ve received your desired result.

Tear Drop Shape is Great for Small Areas
Along with using your Sillipad to apply foundation, you can also use it to apply and blend concealers, contouring, highlighter, blush, and more. The tear drop shape helps with this, allowing you to easily get into small spaces, like the corners of your nose and mouth and under your eyes. It can even be folded to better reach those small areas.

Blends as Well as Beauty Blender Sponges
While applying makeup is where the Sillipad shines the most, it’s also pretty good at blending and buffing. When used properly, it can blend multiple makeup types together as well as most beauty blender sponges. It also pairs perfectly with your beauty blender to create a more flawless airbrushed finish.

Made with Durable, Long Lasting Materials
The Sillipad is designed with the best food grade quality silicone, allowing it to last as long as possible, surviving many months of daily use. 

Finally, a Product that Lives Up to the Hype
It’s rare that a product actually lives up to the hype surrounding it, but the Sillipad silicone makeup applicator by Lenasi does just that. It is an easy to use silicone makeup sponge that saves money by applying makeup without waste, buffs and blends, and washes easily with regular soap and water. If you’re looking for a professional quality makeup applicator that is both hygienic and easy to use, you’ll love the Sillipad silicone makeup applicator. Don’t keep letting good makeup go to waste. Get your Sillipad today!

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